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Dear Parents,


My goal in physical education is for everyone to learn how to make healthy choices and feel they have been given the tools to participate in traditional sports, non-traditional sports and everything in between. By having these tools it enables students to develop a positive attitude toward physical activity and to develop life-long healthy habits.


Students will be encouraged to have as much fun as possible and at the same time give max effort.  The #1 message I tell my students is to give effort in everything they do from the gym to the classroom, to home life and beyond.  If they can learn to do that they will accomplish whatever goals they set. 

We are going to have a great year, I look forward to seeing old faces and meeting the new ones that will be joining us.

Mr. McCarter

P.E. Teacher MVE/NEI


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Daily Specials Schedule

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Daily Specials Schedule

Specials Rotation Calendar

Welcome to PE!!

July 30, 2019

Welcome back,

I hope everyone had an amazing and active summer!!  I look forward to having a great year of learning and activity with everyone, so I hope you are ready to be challenged and pushed outside your box.  Time to be GREAT!!!

Something I found Interesting....

July 17, 2018

Kids participation in sports is on a steady decline, but why? The article below gives some great incite as to why this is occurring. Take a look.

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